Engineering Intern (Paid)

Job description

About Mustard:

Mustard’s mission is to revolutionise how the world’s top companies find and hire exceptional people. We believe in starting from first principles, combining value proposition design with exceptional product to solve tech’s biggest problem: Access To Talent.

What’s the opportunity?

Mustard is currently recruiting for paid internships with a view to full time employment. The 6 month internship begins as a general role, focussing after 3 months on either Product, Sales & Marketing or Operations. Successful applicants will be given direct access to senior team members and will be actively trained throughout their engagement with the company. We believe in creating highly skilled, highly employable team members who can then choose to further their career at Mustard, or enter the wider workforce with ease. (Hopefully you choose to stay with us!)


What will I be learning?

Agile product development

Data collection and web scraping

Big data cleansing, storage and management

Website design, testing and development

Product roadmap design

Bug tracking and ticketing


What traits do I need?

An obsession with detail.

A deep interest in tech.

Comfortable in fast, team-based environments.

An ability to learn fast and adapt.

What qualifications / skills do I need?

Professional experience is not required but is favourable.

Competency with programming in Python, Ruby or PHP.

Must be able to demonstrate previous examples of work.

Familiarity with database technologies

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

Reasonable aptitude with using Javascript.


Bonus Experience:

AWS product suite


Ruby on Rails